This was personal

I didn’t think I was writing this for you. I was writing something personal to a specific person and as it turns out, it was for you too.

You ever think about how you got here? You were hand picked by God to be in this world. That was after you were designed by Him. You were specifically made for this day and time. Do you ever ask Him what your purpose is? You ever think about how you would be the happiest and the most fulfilled by fulfilling God’s purpose for you in the earth? Think about it. He is the one who knows you best. God knows you better than you know yourself. We stumble and stagger into things we think we want but God can strategically place you where you never thought you’ve always wanted to be. Your true purpose in life is tailor made for you. It is something that only you can do. When you don’t fulfill your purpose in life, God will send someone else to do it, but there will always be something missing and that is the thing that is unique to you. Take the time to ask God what His purpose is for your life and truly listen.

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