Heart trouble AND congestion?!

Are you having heart trouble? That can already make it a struggle just to take a breath.

When you have congestion on top of that, things get very real, pretty fast. I’m writing this today because

If it can save one person some discomfort, that would be awesome. I’m having that issue today! I

Panicked as I struggled to take breaths. For those of you who know that still, small voice that is the

Source of all inspired ideas, which is where this one came from. I have a little garden and I grow mint.

Sweet mint, peppermint, chocolate mint and spearmint. I just wrote a piece on sun drying it.

So that’s what I tried, mint tea. I was in the car when it happened. I had just finished eating ice cream

Which makes me congested. I could not breathe hardly at all on the way home! I was in the middle of

Praying/panicking when I got an interruption and a suggestion to try peppermint tea. The peppermint

I brought over from the farm is still in a planter, it turns out, it was the fastest to get to. I pinched off a

Few leaves on the way into the house, rinsed them and put them in a coffee mug along with some of the

Leaves I had already dried, added water, popped it in the microwave and relief faster than you can

Shake a stick! I suppose you can put stuff in it like honey, sugar, agave sweetener or lemon. I didn’t put

Anything in mine. I drink hot tea with nothing in it. I know that can be gross, but it’s what I do. I don’t

Want diabetes, I do sugar in moderation. I’m already pushing it with the extra pounds. If you don’t dry

And grow your own mint, you can buy mint tea at your local grocery store. You may even want to try

a peppermint candy in a pinch or essential oils. However you get your peppermint fix, just get it.

3 Replies to “Heart trouble AND congestion?!”

  1. I use essential oils and I love peppermint tea. My husband has COPD and he often drinks herb teas. We use a small amount of natural stevia for sweetness.

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      1. Yes, I have a large stevia plant that comes up every year. All types of insects love its blooms every year. Good plant to capture butterfly and bee photos,

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