Reluctant Vegan 4



I’ve been good lately. I’ve been weaning myself from meat with fish occasionally. I’ve only had one slip up and that was because my husband put some of his chicken wing pieces in my plate and I ate one before I realized my faux pas. I gave the rest back and reminded him that I am no longer eating meat. I haven’t really been craving meat so much, but I have been hungrier longer (even after I eat). I wasn’t previously such a diehard meat eater. I didn’t have to have it most meals. I’m not quite sure why I’d be hungrier now. I had been cutting back on snacking because due to my recent health crisis, I’ve been promoted to the status of “Domestic Engineer”. I’m not moving quite as much as I was while I was at work. I still meet my daily move goals, but I’m also wanting to drop weight (like a bad habit). This Domestic career is quite daunting. I feel most comfortable and capable behind a computer or sewing machine. Besides, I am not currently earning an income. That actually makes me less likely to get these blog posts out on time because I am trying to do EVERYTHING in my house! I’m a complete empty nester now, so I’m rearranging the “kid’s” room into a sewing room/ office. I’m trying to get all my husband’s clothing and menu together for the week (month/year). It’s been havoc.

I’m firmly opposed to cheese substitutes, I LOVE cheese even though it doesn’t love me back. I already have a difficult time breathing as it is, but dairy just makes me congested even more as if to add insult to injury. I’ve not actually “tried” cheese replacements per se, so I guess I cannot make judgements based on “I don’t wanna”. I’ve decided to start searching Pinterest for vegan friendly recipes (even those “cheese replacement” recipes). I guess I’m going to try some out. I found some recipes from the food blog “It Doesn’t Taste like Chicken”. I’ve been looking over the recipes for about a week, but I’ve just committed to follow her blog today. I like the vibe and I really hope it is as good as she says. Maybe she can make a believer out of a diehard meat and cheese eater. It wasn’t the cheese replacement recipe that sold me, it was a gravy recipe that I knew would be good. If anyone has tried any cheese substitute recipes or any from this blog, please share your results. I will take pictures and share mine also. I’m not good at taking food photos. I just bless it and eat it. I will have to be more intentional with that.

I’ve been making some really decent vegetarian dishes but I only seem to take pictures when I’m outside. I guess it’s a generational thing (old people). If you read the post Mother’s Day blog, I had to recreate that sandwich. I needed a decent bun that is just a little on the sweet side, I toasted it with garlic. You can do this with olive oil instead of butter. I did it with butter (baby steps). I seasoned and sautéed mushrooms and fried zucchini. I topped it with lettuce (from the garden, butter crunch and romaine), tomato, and homemade pickles with ketchup and mustard. I made fries to go with it and I made burgers for my husband with all the above as toppings. He is slowly coming around. He has already offered to switch to eating fish primarily as a compromise. I’ve dropped eleven pounds so far. That part is awesome, it is keeping me motivated. I’m still feeling some kind of way about the cheese only because there are so many varieties of cheese. I have an awesome spanakopita recipe that includes lots of butter, mozzarella and feta cheese. I am just not wanting to change that recipe just yet. My aunt passed that one to me and it’s sentimental. Did I mention I love making sour cream cakes? I’m just not sure vegan sour cream could make the cakes sing like the real thing. I am still being good, mostly. I just have to renew my mind a little more.

Side note: I didn’t get a chance to run to the city for Jackfruit just yet. My husband thwarted my plans with an impromptu fishing trip. It was fun and better than spending hours in traffic for a piece of fruit, but I hope to make that up really soon. I was planning on leaving the day after I posted it. My son was leaving home and he wanted a family day. I had planned on just taking him with me as my running buddy. It was more important to spend that time bonding before it was time to go.


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