Drying mint and other spices

I’m a bit of a gardening enthusiast. I cannot go past a local farmer’s market, Home Depot or anywhere else that sells plant seedlings without buying something. Everyone has their vices, mine happen to be food and gardening. I’ve not too recently had more than just a beginner’s garden. All the pictures in the blog are mine, my husband’s or my children’s. So, if you’ve seen the ridiculous amounts of squash plants and/ or greens, that’s just me going a little overboard. We had started drying out our peppers and seasonings in the oven on very low heat. My husband and I were brainstorming on how to effectively dry our peppermint and other herbs without “cooking” them. He suggested drying them in a car on foil covered with plastic wrap. I didn’t like that idea, so we went with one of those throw away foil pans with the clear lid. I pierced the top of it several times with a straight pin. I like to submerge my mint because it loosens any possible debris better than just rinsing. I soak it for just a couple of minutes and rinse it thoroughly. Put it into a pan and find a secure spot outside that gets full sunlight. Leave it for the day while I do some other work and come back to fully dried mint. The second time I tried it, I didn’t leave it out long enough and the condensation in the pan hadn’t dried all the way even though the leaves had. When I opened, the top, it was so strong, it was like taking a “peppermint pattie” and smashing it in your face. My husband suggested taking the concentrated peppermint essence, freezing it and using it in various products. I was very satisfied with this method of drying, because it maintained the strength and integrity of the mint. I’m currently drying thyme and oregano using this method.

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