Reluctant Vegan 3 (Jackfruit)



I’ve been doing a lot of research. I used to live in a city (gasp.. actually several) and there was a farmer’s market that sold Jackfruit. I was curious about it, so I did what old people do. I asked about it. Later on, I did a google search to look for recipes containing jackfruit and much to my surprise it turns out that vegans use it as a meat substitute. The seeds of the jackfruit are also edible.

I called my daughter to ask her what it tastes like. She told me she had it prepared like “pulled teriyaki chicken”. This has definitely caught my attention. I am quite a ways away from a city and although I know I can order it online. I am going to my not so local Asian food store or that Farmer’s Market to see if it is in stock. I should probably call ahead. There is nothing like taking a long road trip into traffic just to find out your trip was in vain. I am nowhere near any jackfruit for the time being so I will have to use some other picture I have. A jackfruit is big, like a watermelon it is green and “horned” (spiky). When I drive out there, I will take a picture and swap it out for the one I am using.

side note: I took the picture of that tree riding through the country with my husband. that tree just had so much attitude I had to post it.

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