Reluctant Vegan 2



Ok, so if you read the prior article you know that I am new to vegetarianism. I was a pretty active person anyway and I don’t typically “workout” per se, but I’m active enough for my body to think I work out a little. I’ve only stopped eating meat for maybe a little more than a  few weeks or so and my body is changing drastically in response. I have a WAIST! I was taking on a somewhat matronly form but now I am developing a rapidly shrinking waist and my backside hasn’t gotten the memo so now I’m starting to look like “some rapper guy’s girlfriend” (that’s a song reference for you young people out there). That is pretty solid motivation to continue. I am doing this for health because at this point it is do or die. At my age, to have a waist again is making me silly and giddy (inwardly of course). I haven’t had one in a good while and believe me, your metabolism slows down as you age and mine was at a snail’s pace.

I didn’t immediately notice the waist shrinkage, my husband pointed it out. He said “it looks like your backside is standing out more”. I just shrugged it off. I kept attributing it to what I was wearing although I’m a modest dresser and nothing I really wear should show off anything in an intentional way and if it does, I usually have a sweater or a jacket for that. I did however notice that my stomach is getting increasingly flatter. When the dairy bloat leaves, it’s almost thinking about considering getting flat. Most of my life, I’ve had relatively flat abs even when I gain weight. I’ve had a surgery that changed that so it was good to see them going down without additional surgery. When I realized it was almost all the way down, that is when I really noticed that I look like “big booty Judy”. I’m glad to be able to see results, perhaps it will keep me motivated to continue when I’m craving cheeseburgers (I had to embark on this journey right in the middle of an unfulfilled burger craving. (I had to pause my typing for a moment and shake my head).

Look, I’m trying to be strong. I’ve been indulging my food cravings so this will be challenging. When you fast, there is an end in sight. With a lifestyle change, it just evolves and changes but it is never quite over. I am not a naturally heavy person. I’ve been quite a bit smaller most of my life. I just deepened my appreciation for food over the last several years and welcomed the extra curves. So when I went to my Mother in Law’s house for Mother’s Day, and my sister in Law had burgers on the menu, I didn’t panic. She had an array of fresh veggie toppings, so I made a sandwich with delicious sautéed and seasoned zucchini, sautéed and seasoned mushrooms, lettuce (spring greens), tomato slices, cucumber slices and ketchup on a bun. It was absolutely delicious, so I had two. I must confess that when everyone was in the dining room, I cut off a tiny, bite sized piece of burger to taste. I have to be up front if I’m going to do this right. I can’t believe I am going to tell on myself again, but I have to do it. Even if it’s just for accountability’s sake, I have to tell everything. One day for dinner I made a stir fry with mushrooms, orange bell peppers, broccoli and orange ginger stir fry sauce; mashed potatoes and BBQ chicken for my family. I have a reserve of fish if I just feel I need something heavier for emergencies. Those days when I am eating with the family and they are eating meat and I don’t feel I can deal with it well. This was one of those days but instead of going and getting the fish, I ate the BBQ chicken! My husband gave me the eye and I ignored it. If he knew how badly I feel or even that I’m writing this; I would definitely hear about it (Probably for the next year…. Actually he would have made me stop right then).

Before I get myself in too much trouble, Happy Mommy’s Day. This is for the Mommies, those that have lost mommies, big mommas, grannies and Nana’s, those that are mommies in love and by love, those that are yet to be realized mommies in their hearts Happy Mommy’s Day to you all. Even if you never knew a mother at all, you came from one, so Happy Mommy’s Day to you too and If you knew the nature of a Mommy, every Mommy nearby is Mommy Loving on you right now whether you realize it or not.

I fell off the horse, now I have to get back on. If I have to wean off meat, I will do a salmon/swordfish wean. I am back to my whole oats for breakfast and strictly vegetarian dinners. When it is time to shop again (I had shopped as a meat eater before this and I like to stock up), I will make sure I have plenty to work with. In the meantime, I am making do with my homemade refried bean burritos, Stir fry etc. this year’s garden is not producing much more than herbs( peppermint, sweet mint, thyme, oregano, basil and rosemary, chives and garlic) and lettuce right now, so I am anxiously awaiting the harvest. My winter greens have already seeded and gone. I do have 3 heads of cabbage left. I know what I said about the grocery store last time, but I do go there quite a bit actually. I have been eating out a lot lately also and everyone pretty much has alternatives to meat. I am currently running errands with my son before he has to leave, so I’m sitting in a Wendy’s eating fries (and Haagen Dazs Rum Raisin Ice Cream). I know it isn’t the healthiest thing I can eat, but it has no meat and I have vegetables for dinner. I was about to leave the ice cream out, but I agreed to be transparent. I went back and added it too. My son is such an enabler. He spoils me rotten. He won’t let me buy ANYTHING now that he’s grown. I had to strong arm just to purchase my own fries. I actually didn’t tell him I was in the restaurant and I bought it when he wasn’t looking. So I’m done with my “fat-girl” spiel. Ok, not yet; I am still kicking and screaming but not so much. I’m ready to move forward now. It’s sort of like going to the gym. If I go to a gym, I’m going to work out. I won’t stand around being lazy. I am ready to move forward with this thing and stop being such a baby about it. I hope you realized I have low key recipes in here 🙂

Side Note: I’m regretting not taking a picture of my Ice cream and fries at Wendy’s. The picture I have is of a “lemon cucumber”. I saw the seeds for it in a local store. I had never heard of it, so my husband and I decided to grow some. It tastes just like regular cucumber to me. My husband says there is a difference and he prefers these in his salads. I did notice that they get a little softer when you pickle them, so if you are looking for that extra snap, this isn’t it for the canned pickles but it does make good refrigerator pickles.



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