The Reluctant Vegan


In an effort to preserve my calorie ridden, carnivorous, fatty life; I’ve had to suddenly switch to vegetarianism. My ailment isn’t all lifestyle but I’ve had some trauma added in the mix (the trauma actually jumpstarted it all). I’m not very long into it so I’m still inwardly kicking and screaming. I started out with about three days of no meat. The third day, I had a piece of chicken. I lived. The fourth day, I was thinking I had been a little rash to cut out meat all together. I was still ok. I felt fine so the next day I had two pieces of that tender, flavorful barbecued chicken and it was delicious. A few hours later, I almost had a heart attack (again) so, I’m back to eliminating meat.
I don’t know why this is such a problem for me now. When I was younger, in my childbearing years, I did this several times voluntarily. It was an off and on thing mainly because I couldn’t get my husband on board with it. My oldest daughter has been vegetarian for years. I’m glad she is, because I had been working on cooking my favorite go to dishes like collards or mixed greens, black-eyed peas, refried pintos, burritos, stir fry, egg rolls etc. without meat because when I have grandchildren, I want to be able to feed them. When I figure out my egg and milk substitutes for cornbread and cakes, I will move toward veganism. I have a dairy sensitivity anyway.
I absolutely Love vegetables (thank goodness) so I suppose it won’t be too bad. I also have a garden, so I have no shortage of organic, home grown vegetables. I’ve learned to can fruit, vegetables, make preserves and pickles; so I should be good year round (I also heard about these things called “grocery stores” where you can purchase things you would like to eat.). It’s supposed to be normal to get your food there….some people even buy ALL their food at the “grocery store” (go figure). They can be very helpful if you run out of supplies.
I was thinking, since I am going to have to do this vegetarian thing, I can at least share my journey into eventual acceptance. I can also share recipes, and tips about canning and drying foods and even gardening. I just love gardening, I’m not the best at it, but I do ok and I get quite a lot of fresh veggies. I’ll only share what I’m versed in. My husband and I have learned a lot from local farmers and good old fashioned trial and error. So, I will keep learning and sharing.

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