I’m an addict for Christmas

Ok, I know it’s only October. It has only just started to cool down yesterday. We aren’t even into fall fashions just yet because of the heat. But……. I’m like sooo totally excited about Christmas! I’ve started sneaking in my little snow village figurines ( only 2), some inconspicuous candles ( not quite red but more cinnamon colored) with a little pine swag and a few pine cones. I’m usually one for holiday glam, but I’m working on rustic country this year. I’m a first timer with a more rustic decor. I’ve been leaning toward simple, full and sparkly, but now, I’m going for a little burlap, tin, planter boxes with cute arrangements with accents of sparkle but not too much. I’ve had to take down the larger arrangements ( my husband is protesting and requesting we wait until thanksgiving… which is forever). I suppose I have to give Thanksgiving the proper recognition and respect. I’m certain I’m not alone in this pre Christmas mania. If you have some early holiday decor pictures or even a throwback or two, feel free to post them in the comments.

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