Puerto Rico, Policy vs. People

My heart is heavy. I’m in a warm room, eating dinner I just cooked, enjoying the evening with my husband. I can’t help but think about the people in Puerto Rico. It’s been a few weeks since the hurricane and they are still without power. My neighbors had been without power for 2 weeks following hurricane Irma. I live in a rural area, so the ones without power were also without water if they used well water. It had been a pretty tough ordeal in our town. Neighbors, packed into the local grocery store to eat all their meals and to have light and access to sockets. Some came in to use the bathrooms to clean up. Things had gotten pretty rough around here. I can’t imagine what they must be going through with all the people that are now homeless due to the storm damage. The houses here may have lost power, but the houses were still there.

There are people scattered around the island in makeshift shelters and no running water. I wonder how they are cooking, eating, scraping to survive. It hurts to know that the injured may stay that way with festering wounds prone to infection. I wonder how many have the survival skills necessary to make it through. Many on the island were used to the comforts and niceties of life. I can only imagine the outrage and anguish they must be in to know they will not receive help. I think above their loved ones here on the mainland that cannot stay in touch because of something so simple as charging a phone. In a world of policies and political red tape, when do we say enough is enough and consider humanity?

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