I don’t have a picture of the best pizza πŸ• in chicago, but there is a link

One of my favorite childhood memories was located at a mini mansion in the heart of Chicago. It was a grand and lofty place. I spent countless hours (or minutes… I was a kid) twirling around in the ballroom with the gilded ceiling, dancing with my invisible prince. Though I loved the ballroom, the kitchen was my favorite place. It had stainless steel finishes and walk in freezers and refrigerators. My Uncle worked there and lived on site. Everything was off limits to touch, but my eyes hungrily devoured the picturesque decor. I loved the mint colored bedroom, it seemed as if each bedroom had its signature color and theme. I wasn’t allowed to go in, but I would take an extra long look passing by. Though I was a small girl, I remember the most minuscule details. Β We would go to my uncle’s quarters to sit. My dad was a movie buff, so he would bring an interesting collection of movies. We would always eat Pizzeria Uno orΒ https://www.unos.com/Β Due with Coca Cola and watch movies until I couldn’t stay awake. I tried to fight to stay awake because I would have to move to the room down the hall with the skylight and the creepy tree scraping against the glass. So no matter how tired I was, I would claim that I wasn’t asleep, I just didn’t want to see that part. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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