Laundry day blues

I was running errands today. I had a few that I couldn’t take the dogs on. I did those first so that I could get them out of the house later in the afternoon. I needed to wash clothes, so I packed up the car and got the pups ready and we headed out. We went to the store first so I could go in and get treats. We had a window war because one of my dogs learned to let the windows down in the car. šŸ˜± I wouldn’t mind so much on open road because I know she would not get out. Now, in the parking lot of the grocery store is another matter entirely. Hence, the window wars. I had to keep the window up enough so that I could lock it but low enough so she could still get a lot of air without being able to climb out. When we got to the laundry mat, I pulled around on the side where no one hardly parks and backed up to the grass so that I could hook a double sided chain to my tow hitch and they could sit outside and play for a bit.i have pretty large dogs so when I got them out of the car and around to the tow hitch, I didn’t see anything on the ground. One of the dogs jumped suddenly and ran around to the other side of the car. That is when I noticed the ant pile. That is also when I noticed my feet were starting to burn, with vigor! I kicked off my shoes and lunged for the dogs so I could get them unhooked. We ran around the side and I let them jump in the car while I frantically dusted the ants off of my feet. I was outside the car in front of the laundry mat hopping around and dusting ants off while my poor little doggies were rolling around in the car and sliding their faces across the seats. When I got the ants off, I picked up my shoes and banged them around trying to get all the ants off. In my haste, I almost left my dog chain. I jumped in the car, headed back to the hotel and jumped in the shower to ease the burning. I put ointment on my feet to stop the irritation although it is still burning as I am writing this. šŸ˜«šŸ˜­šŸ˜±

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