Cleaning Day

I was in the tool building sometime last month. I had taken a day to really go and sort through everything. My husband had business in the city, so it was only me and our two dogs. Since I knew I would have the place all to myself, I got my playlist ready and connected my headphones. I let the dogs run free since I only have one neighbor within shouting distance and they know to stay on the property. We jogged the acre and a half (so that the dogs wouldn’t harass the bunnies). I settled myself in going through tool boxes and piecing back sets. I had gotten into my groove in my work and in my music. I was singing ( loudly and more than likely, way off key) and bopping to the music as I worked. I’m usually very attentive to my surroundings but since the dogs were on lookout and no one else was around, I took a chance on turning up the music to drown everything out. I was pacing myself and getting quite a lot done when this feeling came over me. I had the unsettling feeling that I was being watched. I was still bopping to the music as I looked up from my work. The words of the song choked back into a hiccup and then a piercing scream as I realized there was a head in the doorway. I screamed so loud that I’m quite sure it was heard the next state over. I realized it was my neighbor, the one in shouting distance. I couldn’t stop screaming. In my mind, I’m thinking, “you idiot, You know who it is. Why are you still screaming? Shut up already!” Yet the screaming continued. I gathered myself and shut up (finally). This lady looks at me with a very dry smirk and tells me that she yelled and honked the horn for a good 30 minutes. Honestly, I don’t know what else she said. Her trip at that point was in vain. She rambled on about something or other and I suppose I looked like I was listening but I was still processing. 😱😳

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