Small town city girl

I live in one of those small country towns. It’s the kind that the young people try and run from. You know, the kind they can’t wait to leave. I can’t imagine why they don’t see the beauty in this place. It’s very quaint and family oriented. The people are friendly and stick together. There is genuine love here. The people have a purity and freshness that you don’t see in a city. There is a strong sense of community and commitment here. Of course, there is no anonymity when you just want to be quiet. The level of intrusiveness can be annoying. If you share a secret, you can hear it again from someone else in a few hours. However, the walls are broken down or just never built in a place like this. It’s a “what you see is what you get” kind of place. There is no pretension or pomp. There is a basic humility and respect you don’t see everywhere. It’s a rare gem in a world of chaos. It has it’s share of good. It has its share of evil. But it’s beauty is unparalleled. When I came here, I felt soiled and spoiled by the world beyond its borders. I shut my mouth and tried my best to allow it to sink into my bones. I attempted to let the atmosphere permeate through me as if I could pick up and absorb an innocence and wholesomeness lost in the busyness of city life.

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